Friday, July 4, 2008

off to a "meh" start

So I cast on for the Dream Swatch earlier today and I remembered why I put this project on hold the first time I tried to make it...

"Row 6 (WS): *Slip 6 stitches with yarn in front
dropping all extra wraps, thus forming 6 long
stitches on the right-hand needle. Then, insert the
left-hand needle into the first 3 of these 6 stitches
and pass them over the second 3. Return all
stitches to the left-hand needle and purl the 6
stitches in the crossed order, the second 3 first,
and the original 3 next. Repeat from * on each
group of 6 stitches."

I've re-cast on several times(btw, I'm making it half as wide cause I have a small head) and each time I mess this part(the most important part) up. seems so simple, which is why I'm kinda frustrated that mine isn't coming out right. So if anyone can tell what I'm doing wrong,or knows another way to get the same results,please let me know.


onescrappychick said...

when you insert your left needle into the first 3 stitches.. it's actually the 3 stitches furthest away from your left needle.. so if your stiches on your right needle were labeled 123456.. you want your left needle to grab 456 and frog jump them over 123.. then slip 123 onto your left needle next to them.. and purl the whole lot.


Penelope said...

yeah, that's what I've been doing but they just don't want to frog jump over the other stitches. I don't know if I'm wrapping the yarn wrong on the previous round, but all my wrapped stitches just refuse to move they way they're supposed to.

Ferula's Fen said...

Hey - yah, it sounds like it might be a "wrapping" issue because the stitches should be WAY long, long enough to move them wherever you need to. Maybe try an extra wrap around the needle so you have more yarn to work with when you need to move them around?

Lavender A said...

When you slip the stitches to the right needle, don't turn them around or anything. The side of the stitch that's connected to the stitch to stitch in front needs to be behind the needle, and the side that's connected to the following stitch needs to be in front of the needle. Then you should have enough slack to pass them over... You're unwrapping them before you pass, so you have 3 looong stitches. right? ;)