Monday, July 7, 2008

a checklist of things to do...

okay, really only one thing is "need to do" which is this week's Defense Against the Dark Arts homework. I really want to do well this weeks seeing as I've become a bit of a nervous klutz around a certain professor...luckily I have the chocolate from my kit to keep me calm, will probably sneak a few bites in when the Professor's not looking.

other things..
finally finished Time Traveler's Wife...I cried, though I can't decide if I loved the book or want to slap a few of the characters...
Now onto reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman cause I noticed that I've been reading far too many Regency era books even for my obsessive love of them.

think I figured out the problem with my dream swatch head scarf(after reading other people's posts about it)I'm a tight really tight.I'm always short on guge no matter what I do and this wrapping around the needle needs to be really loose, and my wraps just refuse to let go of the needle and when they do I let too much go and lose all the loops.
Will try again, and continue to try and find some kind of tutorial that will get me out of my "tigh knitting conundrum"

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