Friday, July 25, 2008

end of term sad/happy face

I can't believe it's nearly over! Congrats to all the package winners and an extra huzzah to all my puffs for coming in first with House points!
I can't wait for the next term! I miss the classes, common room and students, Quidditch and everything else aleady.

and on unrelated side notes, I finished Neverwhere, which means I'm in great need of some book recommendations, so if anyone knows any that can hold me over until the next term starts...

and I've started a project with one of the gorgeous skeins Centy sent me in my package, it's the springtime in Philadelphia hat and I love it already
I had to stop cause I'm a few yards short of what he pattern called for but I found a store online that has the yarn so I should be done soon.

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CentyB said...

oooh. it looks GORGEOUS!!