Monday, May 19, 2008

worse than finals

I'm still getting into the stride of being away and school work in general. Though it's funny that right now, long before all the final reviews, is harder than the actual finals themselves. I think cause during finals everyone's on the same page, and wants to just focus on what needs to be done, but now...well, I just want to hang out in the common room and wander the grounds and watch Quidditch tryouts and knit in my dorms with roommates.
Which means that I'm falling a little behind on my work.
But thanks to much more focused and organized puff's, we're doing pretty awesome with House I have House of Awesome stuck in my head. Hope I don't accidentally write the lyrics out on my DADA paper instead of the assignment.


Eleanor said...

House quiz #2 is up Penny :)
Lets go check out the womping willow one day?

knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte said...

Huzzah penny puff' Good luck in the quiz ;) but not to worry it's fun...