Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In which I wear ties and dance all night

So it's been a week but I've finally come down from my over hyper excitement from spending a weekend in the woods listening to Potter music that I can actually talk about it without spazzing out and rambling and going off topic.
Though the recent Quidditch win has sent me into another hyper state and it's nearly impossible for me to stay focused on everything I need to get done.
GAH! Okay, I'll make a list...
I didn't mind the hills and woods as much as I thought I would when I first got there.

Performances by former students and teacher, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Moaning Myrtle, Ginny, Gred/Forge, Draco, Remus and a special appearance by The Whomping Willow? I didn't want to sleep the entire time in fear of missing something!

Hanging out with Gred/Forge(he sneaked me a butterbeer, don't tell Prof. Sprout or Fat Friar)

Though I'm a little embarrassed that I made a bit of a git of myself in front of Remus...sigh...never trust a drink given to you by Gred/Forge

Draco was nice enough to lend me his tie and make me an honorary Slytherin...for only an hour cause I missed my House tie...which somehow ended up on Jen who was a Gryffindor...everyone had every House had another House's tie, which I think the founders of Hogwarts would have loved!

I want to go back but I hear it might not be until my second year, which is fine, gives me time to...I don't know...get excited!

I did get sick afterwards, everyone there did, btu ti was worth it!

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